• Different types of Sharks

    In the world today there are 350 species types of Sharks

    Angel Shark

    The porbeagle has a flat body Raza.Their characteristic is to be hiding at the bottom of the sea in the sand to capture their prey.That is their tactics in the hunt for prey.Food at the bottom of the ocean and love biggest fish that swim near the bottom of the sea.In addition to small Angel Sharks eat and shellfish and crabs.

    Great Atlantic Shark

    This shark is the second largest in the world. Its weight is about 4 tons.It is located in the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlantic shark now has about 450,000 thousand.

    Black Shark

    This shark can often be seen in many aquariums around the world in popular tourist attractions.Its length is 2 meters and a fine food fish.Its characteristics are gray with a black tip on the fins and is recognizable by a white line on the side. This types of Sharks can be seen in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.Today there are around 700,000 thousand.

    Blue Shark

    Blue Shark is one of the most rapid shark that exist.The porbeagle is a long 4 to 5 meters.Can often be seen to leap from the water.This shark is considered dangerous to humans because it is reported several attacks.Food is mostly squid and small fish. Wu can be found all oceans of the world today there are about 600,000 thousand.

    This shark is a long 4 to 5 metars.He had very big teeth and is considered to be dangerous for people.Food is the most more fish.Can live in both salt water and in freshwater.Was noted in several cases that people see in some famous big river like the Mississippi.Today,the porbeagle has about 470,000 thousand.

    Cutter Shark

    Very small species types of Sharks.Its length is 60 cm.Food is mainly body parts Keith and dolphins by using his sharp and strong teeth.This porbeagle today you can find in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. There are around 550,000 thousand.

    Goblin Shark

    Very rare and most unusual species of Sharks that exist today in the world.Its color is pink. It has been known as the shark has a large muzzle.Lives on the bottom of the ocean and the food is fine fish.By some estimates there are about 5,000 thousand and mainly seen in the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.The porbeagle is found in America 1974 and by then it was thought that this kind of Sharks no longer exists.

    Great White Shark

    Great White Shark the most largest shark in the world.Today is a great white shark protected species because they have thousands of people hunted in the past. This types of Sharks is known for films that have been recorded on it. Long is about 4 meters and the food is just meat.Today, this Sharks has about 560,000 thousand and can be seen everywhere in the world.One of the rare types of Sharks that can remove the head to the surface.It is very dangerous, and its attacks on people are the most larger than all along that there are shark.

    Beater (Flail shark)

    One of the most performed unusual Sharks that exist.
    Her head is in the shape of hammers and it was named. It is considered dangerous because of its simple appearance, but not this shark did not attack people.It is very fast.Today, their number in the world is about 600,000 and can be seen only in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Mako Shark

    Featured fast shark in the world.It can be seen as often jumps from the water.It is dangerous for people, but recently have been reported attacks on people.Today, the world has about 170,000 thousand and can be seen in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea.

    Shark Midwife

    Lives on the bottom of the sea and not dangerous to humans.Unusual type of shark that hunts at night and sleeps during the day.Can be found in most largest aquariums in the world.

    Tiger Shark

    After the Great White Sharks the most dangerous for people.Featured more attacks on people of the Tiger Sharks were reported in America. Its length is over 3 meters. Hunt day and night.It has large teeth.Today there are around 420,000 thousand and is located only in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Sabljas Shark

    Sabljas Shark is characterized by a very long muzzle which is in the form of credits.Long is 6 meters of which only 3 meters long tail.It can be seen in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.

    Tigerish Shark

    One of the Shark that is the most dangerous by people.Often can be seen on the beaches where there are people.Featured more frequent attacks of sharks are recorded in America.Eats everything she found on the road.These types of Sharks has about 400,000 thousand and can be seen in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Whale Shark

    Most larger species of shark that is. It can grow up to 14 meters and then its weight is about 17 tons. Generally food is plankton. Today there are about 140,000 thousand

    Shark Cat

    Lives in Australia and is not dangerous to humans.This types of Sharks can be seen at the bottom of the sea and the ocean while hunting small fish.By 17,000 thousand and is considered a rare species of shark.

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