• The Great White Shark habitat

    Great White Sharks are vertebrates.These are fish that have a crispy skeleton. Great White Sharks are predators that mainly eat meat and the rest of what comes.
    Great White Sharks breed so as to bring the world of live offspring without eggs.Habitats of the Great White Sharks are Atlantic Ocean,Indian Ocean,Pacific Ocean and a few sea around the world such as the Mediterranean Sea and the rest of the other larger sea. Most numerous in the Atlantic Ocean near America.

    In America, the Great White Sharks are protected species and are today one of the most interesting tourist attractions. And because of his looks and because of fear of humans,Great White Sharks are respected everywhere in the world.

    Great White Sharks are present in the country last 400 million years old and rare animals that survived the revolution of the dinosaurs. This data suggests that the Great White Sharks can live in difficult conditions.

    Great White Sharks belong to the class of fish called "CHONDRICHTYS. Great White Sharks are the most stronger teeth in the world of all animals that exist.

    In Australia, the Great White Sharks are mostly in the northern part of the continent. In the United States Great White Sharks can be seen everywhere but in a number of the most eastern part of the country.

    Their attacks on people are the most larger than any shark that exist.But in America the last 10 years reduced the number of attacks. Number of Great White Shark attacks in America last year amounted to 47, which are unfortunately 6 cases ended tragically.However,this is the most a small number of cases of the Great White Shark attack in the last 40 years.

    In Africa are not so frequent attacks of Great White Sharks as well as in America. Perhaps because in Africa it has a slightly smaller number.

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