• What do Sharks eat

    What eat Sharks today?

    A lot of this is found in the stomach shark today know what do Sharks eat. People involved in fishing are all found in the stomach and much all. All Sharks love meat, but next to the meat they used to eat and what they do as the meat in fact not. It can be a part of the subject such as for example an object that is dropped from a boat or from the coast came to the depth of the sea.

    Less Sharks eat small fish and they are mostly food. They at least Sharks eat small fish and small turtles.

    Sharks medium sized eat all the fish that can be found in the sea but in addition they are food and smaller sharks, turtles,crocodile and dolphins.But and a small number of shark which is mostly food planctoms located at the bottom of the sea.

    Great Sharks eat anything they find on the road. Their favorite food is seals, dolphins, small sharks and turtles. Great White Sharks can attack and eat mammals like Kit. This large and dangerous shark can attack any animal that is in the ocean. In the belly of Great White Sharks are found and the objects of the boat. It's amazing what you can eat Great White Sharks, and that her none of it does not matter.

    There is a difference between the what do Sharks eat at night and what day.

    What do Sharks eat at night?

    Sharks are less active at night and the food is mostly biggest fish. Seals and dolphins are less active and the Sharks can not choose the food. Turtles at night rarely seen because they were asleep and difficult prey for all the Sharks.

  • Great White Shark pictures and photos

    Today, you can paint a Great White Shark by going on a cruise or sea Atlantic Ocean. In America, this predator is a tourist attraction for those who want to see this closer to the dangerous Shark. Some of these images were recorded from the vicinity of a few meters from one to tourist boats and private yachts. If you want to see this incredible fish from closer do not think, but if you are able to do it and you will always be in the memory pictures of this fantastic animal.

    It is known that the Great White Shark attack on what is found on the road and he sees beyond the surface it must respond immediately and be closer to see what is happening there.This is an opportunity to see Great White Shark is very close. Many have made ready Guide baits to entice as many to approach the ship or a yacht to tourists to see its true size and how it is big and dangerous for all living creatures in the sea, and if the man is found in the water. These are some of the most beautiful pictures that exist today and are recorded anywhere in the world to the Atlantic Ocean and in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and smaller seas anywhere on Earth.

    Some of the pictures look really dangerous and cause a great respect for this predator. Today we can see the various pictures throughout the world for all lovers of the Great White Sharks. Interesting is that if you go on a cruise in search of a Great White Shark you will not find it but it you because it is always interested in what is happening on the surface and it is also an opportunity to create an album of her on this beautiful and dangerous Sharks.

    But be always on the lookout when you are closer to the Great White Sharks and when trying to take pictures because it is very dangerous. If you do not have your favorite album today, this blog will help you see the picture of Great White Sharks.


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