• The Great White Shark facts

    None of the shark is not so dangerous to humans as the Great White Shark.Great White Shark has a spindle-shaped body and its trunk is very wide.

    It can grow over 6 meatra and weighs over 3 tons.It was named after his stomach.Her body size is great for hunting which is classified into one of the most best hunters in the sea.Her body gives her the opportunity to swim for hours to find their prey and that without fatigue.

    The speed you can achieve is 65 km/h.Great white Shark eats mainly Focke, Turtles, Octopus, Dolphin, and and sometimes other Sharks. It's amazing what can be found in the body of the Great White Sharks. Hunters who were once hunted in the belly of Great White Sharks found parts of the boat, ships, cans and even shoes.

    Most attacks on people bigger than any Shark that there are Great White Sharks.The attacks are very rare and usually occurs when the shark confused. The man who surf on board the Great White Shark looks like Focke or tortoise that has emerged.

    The quest for food Great White Shark is lowered to a depth of 1300 meters.What was one of the very rare shark that can out his head to the surface.It most often when hunting for their prey on the surface.What is the most popular in the Great White Sharks her teeth and bite.Lower jaw is lowered forward to triangular teeth long and up to 5 cm their teeth in the prey.This bite can be deadly for Kit and dolphins because the bite of the Great White Sharks very deadly. Great white shark chews its prey can not but swallow it in pieces.Today,the hunt for the Great White Shark is prohibited.Life in century Great White Sharks by some estimates up to 100 years,although it still is not scientific proven.This biggest animal in the world today can be found in all oceans of the world.

    By some estimates there are 600,000 thousand.Although sometimes this number was higher today is significantly lower due to hunting the Great White Shark in the past.

    Recorded a lot of films about the Great White Sharks.This predator is the only surviving species from the "Carcharodon. Great White Shark can be seen around Australia, South Africa, America, the Mediterranean Sea.

    In all these countries the United veil is protected shark species.Lives in salt water but the Great White Shark can be seen in fresh water.


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