• What do Sharks eat

    What eat Sharks today?

    A lot of this is found in the stomach shark today know what do Sharks eat. People involved in fishing are all found in the stomach and much all. All Sharks love meat, but next to the meat they used to eat and what they do as the meat in fact not. It can be a part of the subject such as for example an object that is dropped from a boat or from the coast came to the depth of the sea.

    Less Sharks eat small fish and they are mostly food. They at least Sharks eat small fish and small turtles.

    Sharks medium sized eat all the fish that can be found in the sea but in addition they are food and smaller sharks, turtles,crocodile and dolphins.But and a small number of shark which is mostly food planctoms located at the bottom of the sea.

    Great Sharks eat anything they find on the road. Their favorite food is seals, dolphins, small sharks and turtles. Great White Sharks can attack and eat mammals like Kit. This large and dangerous shark can attack any animal that is in the ocean. In the belly of Great White Sharks are found and the objects of the boat. It's amazing what you can eat Great White Sharks, and that her none of it does not matter.

    There is a difference between the what do Sharks eat at night and what day.

    What do Sharks eat at night?

    Sharks are less active at night and the food is mostly biggest fish. Seals and dolphins are less active and the Sharks can not choose the food. Turtles at night rarely seen because they were asleep and difficult prey for all the Sharks.

  • Great White Shark pictures and photos

    Today, you can paint a Great White Shark by going on a cruise or sea Atlantic Ocean. In America, this predator is a tourist attraction for those who want to see this closer to the dangerous Shark. Some of these images were recorded from the vicinity of a few meters from one to tourist boats and private yachts. If you want to see this incredible fish from closer do not think, but if you are able to do it and you will always be in the memory pictures of this fantastic animal.

    It is known that the Great White Shark attack on what is found on the road and he sees beyond the surface it must respond immediately and be closer to see what is happening there.This is an opportunity to see Great White Shark is very close. Many have made ready Guide baits to entice as many to approach the ship or a yacht to tourists to see its true size and how it is big and dangerous for all living creatures in the sea, and if the man is found in the water. These are some of the most beautiful pictures that exist today and are recorded anywhere in the world to the Atlantic Ocean and in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and smaller seas anywhere on Earth.

    Some of the pictures look really dangerous and cause a great respect for this predator. Today we can see the various pictures throughout the world for all lovers of the Great White Sharks. Interesting is that if you go on a cruise in search of a Great White Shark you will not find it but it you because it is always interested in what is happening on the surface and it is also an opportunity to create an album of her on this beautiful and dangerous Sharks.

    But be always on the lookout when you are closer to the Great White Sharks and when trying to take pictures because it is very dangerous. If you do not have your favorite album today, this blog will help you see the picture of Great White Sharks.

  • Biggest Great White Shark

    The biggest and largest Fish and Shark in the World that were found in the world are found in several places.

    The larger Great White Shark that is found in the United States amounted to is 3.5 tons and a length of 12.7 meters.This Shark is found in Atlantic ocean near Miami Beach.Incredible data because it is what the Great White Shark is not seen until now.

    The fact that the average major the White Shark about 6 to 12 meters, this shark is found phenomenon.This shark in 1993 found Mark Brid with their research team that studied the large and deadly predators.
    Perhaps you are wondering what is eating this huge Shark.

    It is known that Great White Sharks eat everything they find on the road so that it can and presage what is eaten most of these larger Great White Shark.Probably a ton and a ton of food.
    In the vast belly of the Great White Sharks are found animals such as turtle, swordfish, remains mladok Kit and even shark from its kind.

    Today,not found this largest animal in the world since then.
    According to experts was old between 60 and 70 years.

    The fact that the Great White Shark change their teeth and to always grow another, in this the night Great White Sharks have teeth look perfect.

    In the Pacific most larger Great White Shark had a weight of 3.1 ton and was 11.9 meters long.Is found near the Gulf, "Taiko".

    Today is rarely Find examples and nearly as large predator that was found in 1993.Perhaps because of the fact that they year is less and less.However today,these are the most larger predators in the oceans protected species and there is a possibility in the future appears even larger copy of the Great White Sharks.

    The bigger predator in the ocean is currently the only surviving species of the genus "Carcharodon.

  • The Great White Shark habitat

    Great White Sharks are vertebrates.These are fish that have a crispy skeleton. Great White Sharks are predators that mainly eat meat and the rest of what comes.
    Great White Sharks breed so as to bring the world of live offspring without eggs.Habitats of the Great White Sharks are Atlantic Ocean,Indian Ocean,Pacific Ocean and a few sea around the world such as the Mediterranean Sea and the rest of the other larger sea. Most numerous in the Atlantic Ocean near America.

    In America, the Great White Sharks are protected species and are today one of the most interesting tourist attractions. And because of his looks and because of fear of humans,Great White Sharks are respected everywhere in the world.

    Great White Sharks are present in the country last 400 million years old and rare animals that survived the revolution of the dinosaurs. This data suggests that the Great White Sharks can live in difficult conditions.

    Great White Sharks belong to the class of fish called "CHONDRICHTYS. Great White Sharks are the most stronger teeth in the world of all animals that exist.

    In Australia, the Great White Sharks are mostly in the northern part of the continent. In the United States Great White Sharks can be seen everywhere but in a number of the most eastern part of the country.

    Their attacks on people are the most larger than any shark that exist.But in America the last 10 years reduced the number of attacks. Number of Great White Shark attacks in America last year amounted to 47, which are unfortunately 6 cases ended tragically.However,this is the most a small number of cases of the Great White Shark attack in the last 40 years.

    In Africa are not so frequent attacks of Great White Sharks as well as in America. Perhaps because in Africa it has a slightly smaller number.

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  • Different types of Sharks

    In the world today there are 350 species types of Sharks

    Angel Shark

    The porbeagle has a flat body Raza.Their characteristic is to be hiding at the bottom of the sea in the sand to capture their prey.That is their tactics in the hunt for prey.Food at the bottom of the ocean and love biggest fish that swim near the bottom of the sea.In addition to small Angel Sharks eat and shellfish and crabs.

    Great Atlantic Shark

    This shark is the second largest in the world. Its weight is about 4 tons.It is located in the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlantic shark now has about 450,000 thousand.

    Black Shark

    This shark can often be seen in many aquariums around the world in popular tourist attractions.Its length is 2 meters and a fine food fish.Its characteristics are gray with a black tip on the fins and is recognizable by a white line on the side. This types of Sharks can be seen in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.Today there are around 700,000 thousand.

    Blue Shark

    Blue Shark is one of the most rapid shark that exist.The porbeagle is a long 4 to 5 meters.Can often be seen to leap from the water.This shark is considered dangerous to humans because it is reported several attacks.Food is mostly squid and small fish. Wu can be found all oceans of the world today there are about 600,000 thousand.

    This shark is a long 4 to 5 metars.He had very big teeth and is considered to be dangerous for people.Food is the most more fish.Can live in both salt water and in freshwater.Was noted in several cases that people see in some famous big river like the Mississippi.Today,the porbeagle has about 470,000 thousand.

    Cutter Shark

    Very small species types of Sharks.Its length is 60 cm.Food is mainly body parts Keith and dolphins by using his sharp and strong teeth.This porbeagle today you can find in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. There are around 550,000 thousand.

    Goblin Shark

    Very rare and most unusual species of Sharks that exist today in the world.Its color is pink. It has been known as the shark has a large muzzle.Lives on the bottom of the ocean and the food is fine fish.By some estimates there are about 5,000 thousand and mainly seen in the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.The porbeagle is found in America 1974 and by then it was thought that this kind of Sharks no longer exists.

    Great White Shark

    Great White Shark the most largest shark in the world.Today is a great white shark protected species because they have thousands of people hunted in the past. This types of Sharks is known for films that have been recorded on it. Long is about 4 meters and the food is just meat.Today, this Sharks has about 560,000 thousand and can be seen everywhere in the world.One of the rare types of Sharks that can remove the head to the surface.It is very dangerous, and its attacks on people are the most larger than all along that there are shark.

    Beater (Flail shark)

    One of the most performed unusual Sharks that exist.
    Her head is in the shape of hammers and it was named. It is considered dangerous because of its simple appearance, but not this shark did not attack people.It is very fast.Today, their number in the world is about 600,000 and can be seen only in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Mako Shark

    Featured fast shark in the world.It can be seen as often jumps from the water.It is dangerous for people, but recently have been reported attacks on people.Today, the world has about 170,000 thousand and can be seen in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea.

    Shark Midwife

    Lives on the bottom of the sea and not dangerous to humans.Unusual type of shark that hunts at night and sleeps during the day.Can be found in most largest aquariums in the world.

    Tiger Shark

    After the Great White Sharks the most dangerous for people.Featured more attacks on people of the Tiger Sharks were reported in America. Its length is over 3 meters. Hunt day and night.It has large teeth.Today there are around 420,000 thousand and is located only in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Sabljas Shark

    Sabljas Shark is characterized by a very long muzzle which is in the form of credits.Long is 6 meters of which only 3 meters long tail.It can be seen in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.

    Tigerish Shark

    One of the Shark that is the most dangerous by people.Often can be seen on the beaches where there are people.Featured more frequent attacks of sharks are recorded in America.Eats everything she found on the road.These types of Sharks has about 400,000 thousand and can be seen in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Whale Shark

    Most larger species of shark that is. It can grow up to 14 meters and then its weight is about 17 tons. Generally food is plankton. Today there are about 140,000 thousand

    Shark Cat

    Lives in Australia and is not dangerous to humans.This types of Sharks can be seen at the bottom of the sea and the ocean while hunting small fish.By 17,000 thousand and is considered a rare species of shark.

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  • The Great White Shark facts

    None of the shark is not so dangerous to humans as the Great White Shark.Great White Shark has a spindle-shaped body and its trunk is very wide.

    It can grow over 6 meatra and weighs over 3 tons.It was named after his stomach.Her body size is great for hunting which is classified into one of the most best hunters in the sea.Her body gives her the opportunity to swim for hours to find their prey and that without fatigue.

    The speed you can achieve is 65 km/h.Great white Shark eats mainly Focke, Turtles, Octopus, Dolphin, and and sometimes other Sharks. It's amazing what can be found in the body of the Great White Sharks. Hunters who were once hunted in the belly of Great White Sharks found parts of the boat, ships, cans and even shoes.

    Most attacks on people bigger than any Shark that there are Great White Sharks.The attacks are very rare and usually occurs when the shark confused. The man who surf on board the Great White Shark looks like Focke or tortoise that has emerged.

    The quest for food Great White Shark is lowered to a depth of 1300 meters.What was one of the very rare shark that can out his head to the surface.It most often when hunting for their prey on the surface.What is the most popular in the Great White Sharks her teeth and bite.Lower jaw is lowered forward to triangular teeth long and up to 5 cm their teeth in the prey.This bite can be deadly for Kit and dolphins because the bite of the Great White Sharks very deadly. Great white shark chews its prey can not but swallow it in pieces.Today,the hunt for the Great White Shark is prohibited.Life in century Great White Sharks by some estimates up to 100 years,although it still is not scientific proven.This biggest animal in the world today can be found in all oceans of the world.

    By some estimates there are 600,000 thousand.Although sometimes this number was higher today is significantly lower due to hunting the Great White Shark in the past.

    Recorded a lot of films about the Great White Sharks.This predator is the only surviving species from the "Carcharodon. Great White Shark can be seen around Australia, South Africa, America, the Mediterranean Sea.

    In all these countries the United veil is protected shark species.Lives in salt water but the Great White Shark can be seen in fresh water.


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